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The R.A.C. is BACK!
Mobility & Justice for All.

Our goal is to help riders navigate the world of public transit, and to be a place where riders will share information and experiences, and act together to make our bus system actually meet our needs.

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The photos attached show two buses right behind each other.  Apparently, they do so because there are too many people at those particular times for one bus.  Unfortunately, there won't be another bus for half an hour.  Why not have one every 15 minutes so people don't clamor to the half hour one?
I'm not sure how Google Maps gets it's info about WRTA schedules and stops, but it is very important that is kept up to date to try to find stops and schedules...


One of the things we love about Worcester, Lawrence and the other Cities is the diversity in architecture, culture and history between neighborhoods.

When transit is barrier-free, it stitches together our patchwork of neighborhoods and connects us all.

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