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The R.A.C. is BACK!
Mobility & Justice for All.

Sur-prize for you?

On September 13, the RAC will be raffling off a nearly unique prize to three of our luckiest members. This never to be duplicated item will be something that can be used every day, yet treasured as a symbol of your interest in (and possible dedication to) our cause: It’s real easy: enter for the drawing today by signing up below. No passwords or secret handshakes required!

RAC Raffle


Our goal is to help riders navigate the world of public transit, and to be a place where riders will share information and experiences, and act together to make our bus system actually meet our needs.

RAC News!


At the WRTA Board meeting on July 21, Dr. Heather-Lyn Haley took her seat as the riders’ representative. By statute, this is a position that must be filled every twelve months by a bus rider from a different municipality than the one before. That’s not long enough, but we’ll talk about that another day.

Dr Haley is a life-long rider of the Worcester buses She was introduced to bus riding by her grandmother, who worked at City Hall, and was the first female paralegal in Massachusetts….Read More….

One of the things we love about Worcester, Lawrence and the other Cities is the diversity in architecture, culture and history between neighborhoods.

When transit is barrier-free, it stitches together our patchwork of neighborhoods and connects us all.

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