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Zero Fare Buses and the Green Worcester Plan

1/25/2021 Dear Members of the Worcester City Council, On behalf of Mass Audubon, we would like to resubmit our letter addressed to the City of Worcester and the authors of the Green Worcester Plan containing our support and suggestions for future drafts of the Green Worcester Plan. We are very pleased to see this plan moving forward and wish to note that a fare free approach for the regional bus system is one of the recommended policies in the Green Worcester Plan. Consequently, we would also like to announce our support for a Fare-Free WRTA. The Worcester Chamber of Commerce [...]

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Paratransit, Taxis, & Worcester

Dear Members of the Public Service & Transportation & Committee: The purpose of this email is to inform you about the need for wheelchair accessible on-demand public transportation in Worcester and to update you on our activities to address this. We are working to gain support from community leaders and spread awareness about accessible on-demand public transportation initiative we feel would improve the quality of life for Worcester residents with disabilities and create more transportation options/equitable transportation In 2019, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) provided over 1 million trips in Worcester, currently, there are zero wheelchair accessible TNC vehicles.  Worcester currently [...]

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Riding with the RAC

Our public transit system has been steadily losing ridership for many years. None of the authorities in charge of the system have been able to change this fact. Complaints and petitions from riders and advocates have had little effect. Therefore, we the riders must build our own network of influence in order to save our buses. Right now, all policy decisions concerning public transit are made from the top down. We will be building from the bottom up. We can do this by joining together and identifying problems and solutions from the viewpoint of the everyday riders. We will [...]

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Holidays You, & the WRTA

  The WRTA Observes 11 holidays a year by either running no buses at all, or reducing them to a Saturday schedule. Martin Luther King Day, Monday January 18, buses will run on a Saturday schedule. Monday February 5th, Presidents Day, will also be run as a Saturday. Other Saturday schedules this year are Patriots Day (Mon. April 19), Columbus Day (Mon. October 11), and the Day After Thanksgiving (Friday, November 26}. On these holidays, the paratransit service will be running from 5:50 am to 10:40 pm.   Every year, there are any number of people trying to get to go [...]

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The Pandemic & the WRTA

Every year there are fewer passengers using public transportation in Massachusetts.  At the WRTA, ridership has dropped by about half over the past ten years. This year ridership at the WRTA dropped to around 2/3 of the 2019 levels, yet it has kept more of its riders on board than any other system in the state. Part of this is because fares have been suspended since March. But mostly it's because the remaining riders have no choice. They have no car. It's too far to walk to work. It's too hard to carry the shopping home. Being essential [...]

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