Blog Man Professor  The WRTA Observes 11 holidays a year by either running no buses at all, or reducing them to a Saturday schedule.
Martin Luther King Day, Monday January 18, buses will run on a Saturday schedule. Monday February 5th, Presidents Day, will also be run as a Saturday. Other Saturday schedules this year are Patriots Day (Mon. April 19), Columbus Day (Mon. October 11), and the Day After Thanksgiving (Friday, November 26}. On these holidays, the paratransit service will be running from 5:50 am to 10:40 pm.
  Every year, there are any number of people trying to get to go somewhere who will not be aware of these complications, and will miss their connections. To make it all a little more complex, routes 28, 33, and 42, will operate on their regular weekday schedules on these holidays, as will the Community shuttles.
  Then there are the holidays with no service, either paratransit or fixed routes: Memorial Day (Mon. May 31), Independence Day (Sun July 4), Labor Day (Mon. September 6), Thanksgiving Day (Thurs. November 25), Christmas Day (Sat. Dec 25), and New Year’s Day 2022 a week later (Sat. January 1 2022).
  If you have to travel anywhere on these days, you will definitely not be taking a WRTA bus.
  Moreover, there are a number of routes that are “interlaced” meaning that one bus is serving two different routes; first one, then changing to the other. There are routes that will do this on the weekdays, others on the weekends, and sometimes there are different interlacings for the Saturday and Sunday schedules. Good luck finding out about all that on the WRTA website. Look for a paper schedule if you need to know.
  None of this was done for the benefit of the people the system is supposedly designed to serve. It was done either in the name of “efficiency” or as the result of the union contracts. The WRTA is supposed to post the holiday schedules in the buses, and at any remaining bus shelters but not the bus stops. They are also supposed to advertise any changes in schedules and detours. This does not happen frequently enough to be a reliable guide.
  Happy holidays?