Wheelchairs and Buses…

I recently took a ride on the buses with Monque Girard, a wheelchair user with an encyclopedic knowledge of the inconveniences, discomforts, and perils of the bus stops of the WRTA. I'll give you an example, in her own words: "Saturday, I was on Shrewsbury Street and my battery was running low. I tried to take a bus home. Even though many of the bus stops on Shrewsbury Street are accessible, if there are drivers parking their cars in a way that prevents the bus from reaching the curb, it is impossible for me to board the bus. While I [...]

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Paratransit, Taxis, & Worcester

Dear Members of the Public Service & Transportation & Committee: The purpose of this email is to inform you about the need for wheelchair accessible on-demand public transportation in Worcester and to update you on our activities to address this. We are working to gain support from community leaders and spread awareness about accessible on-demand public transportation initiative we feel would improve the quality of life for Worcester residents with disabilities and create more transportation options/equitable transportation In 2019, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) provided over 1 million trips in Worcester, currently, there are zero wheelchair accessible TNC vehicles.  Worcester currently [...]

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