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  • Miles In Transit milesintransit.com   Blogging every mile of every public conveyance in Massachusetts, with a side of Philadelphia!
  • REDD Group – Fb  A community grassroots organization seeking to bring rights, equality, and dignity to every person with any type of disability
  • TPAG-  Contact through the Central Mass Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) the Transportation Planning Advisory Group  is a consumer advisory committee of the WRTA addressing Service related issues affecting the elderly and disabled.
  • TAC https://sites.google.com/view  the Worcester Transportation Advocacy Coalition  an independent group of public transit activists working under the guidance of the Worcester Community Connections Coalition
  • PVTA Riders and Friends: Providing Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, ADA, and Dial a Ride users and the agencies and providers who support them with the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they receive.e
  • Transit Matters  transitmatters.org Dedicated to improving transit in and around Boston…promoting a level of critical analysis normally absent from other media.
  • Transportation Justice for Franklin County tjusticefc@gmail.com  To inform Franklin County of how riders will be represented, and how the system is funded. Dedicated to equitable funding for Franklin County public transportation.
  • Zero Fare WRTA- zerofarewrta@gmail.com, Fb page. A group of Worcester pub trans activists focused on making the WRTA a system that is fully funded with no payment at the point of service.
  • Transportation for Massachusetts https: Promoting safe, reliable, and affordable transportation choices throughout Massachusetts
  • Transportation 4 America https://t4america  An advocacy organization made up of local, regional, and state leaders who envision a transportation system that safely, affordably, and conveniently connects people of all means and disability to jobs, services, and opportunity through multiple means of travel
  • WRTA  https:/ therta.com The regional transportation authority for  Worcester and 37 surrounding municipalities ,12 of which are served by fixed routes.