The photos (on the left) attached show two buses right behind each other.  Apparently, they do so because there are too many people at those particular times for one bus.  Unfortunately, there won’t be another bus for half an hour.  Why not have one every 15 minutes so people don’t clamor to the half hour one?
I’m not sure how Google Maps gets it’s info about WRTA schedules and stops, but it is very important that is kept up to date to try to find stops and schedules.
If you have to wait 20 minutes to start your trip, walk 10 minutes to your nearest stop, wait for the bus, ride15 minutes to the central hub or whatever connection point, wait another 45 minutes or more to get on another bus, ride it, and then walk 15 minutes to your destination, it seems like why bother if it’s not for work.  This is bad for local business.  Only big businesses like Walmart and Target have direct buses.  It also sometimes seems like you’re better off walking.  Not all trips are that difficult.  It depends where you are going, where you live and what time or what day it is.  
Most cities do not require major planning to use public transportation.  I used the bus exclusively in New York, San Francisco, Amherst and briefly in Phoenix before getting a car, but it didn’t occur to me in Worcester.  Some friends rode the bus in Worcester and it was hard for them to get anywhere, so I kept on driving even though the doctor told me not to. I had multiple jobs, some in other towns, and liked to explore outdoors.  Eventually I had a seizure on 290 and destroyed my car and the one in front.  (No one was hurt, but I couldn’t keep all my jobs.)  There’s a problem if people will risk danger to avoid the bus.
When developers bought the building I lived in to evict everyone (even though we paid rent) and charge newcomers 2.5 times as much, I had just been laid off from my full time job.  That meant trying to search for an apartment where I could reach both my part time job and my unknown future full time job, all by bus.  Gentrification in Worcester is pushing people to find homes that are further from the bus.
Jenn Falcon