The WRTA Advisory Board is meeting to discuss, among other things, updates on fare collection on the WRTA system.
September 23rd
At 8:30 AM
The meeting will be held on zoom. Click here for link.
Following the Governor’s June 16th extension of many pandemic era policies, public meetings for all sectors of government in the Commonwealth have continued to be hosted online.
With online meetings comes the possibility for new levels of public engagement; leaving a zoom webinar running on your laptop while you make breakfast is all it takes to be engaged in our transportation future. Public engagement is no longer a commitment of time, energy and travel, instead it can look like listening to public meeting on your phone while you commute to work (hopefully on a bus).
In general, we hope that the online meetings provide a space for engagement in comfort. For many, going to public meeting to fight for transportation never seemed worth the time and energy; we hope that as long as we have virtual meetings, we can boost engagement through the ease of tuning in.
For those of you unfamiliar with the zoom platform, there are two main ways to attend a zoom meeting. If you have a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device with internet connection, you can attend the meeting from that device. It should be noted that these are Zoom webinars not zoom meetings, so your video and audio will never be visible to others. All you have to do is log in and watch! Go to therta.com, open Public Notices, click on WRTA Advisory Board Meeting. Then, find the fourth paragraph down and click on WRTA Advisory Board Meeting Notice. From there, find the zoom link and phone numbers highlighted in the second paragraph. If you don’t have an internet device, 1-(646)-558-8656, then type “85715312371#” and will be all set to listen to the conversation over the phone! Again, nobody can hear you or see you, so no worries if you are out and about, or listening while running errands/commuting.
Public engagement is one of the biggest determinants of quality public transportation, but it is specifically relevant in a city where the Advisory Board does not consist of bus-reliant people. If we don’t show up to the table, the WRTA will grow farther and farther out of touch with the people who use it day-in and day-out.
Can’t wait to see you there! The more support the better! Let the WRTA Board know that we are involved, invested and listening!